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tree of life

the palm tree has been a part of the Emirati culture for a long time. It provided the Emirati people with food and shelter. Its material qualities were crucial in the manufacturing of traditional objects as well as the construction of boats and houses. 


There is yet a deeper connection: the spiritual one. Dates, the first food eaten during Ramadan Iftars, is a direct link to the holy realm.

A wonderful metaphor of Emirati culture, the rough and rigid trunk of the palm tree is reminiscent of the conflict between the seven Emirates before the formation of the UAE. As you climb higher up the tree, the greenery and leaves start to jump out in all directions, giving a sense of joy and happiness, much like the present day UAE.


Driving down any road in the UAE, you will pass by an endless stretch of Palm trees. Unfortunately It is also common to come across a dried out palm tree, just holding on for its life. Regardless of the cause, there comes a time when the palm must give out, and so it lowers its majestic crowns as a final farewell.


The design process embodies the life and death of the palm tree. The tree first grows strong and lush. As time passes by, the tree starts to perish and shows more signs of imperfection, its crowns lower. Similarly, the dress was firstly made with no imperfections. However, by the time it was finished, wears, cuts and deliberate flaws came to light.

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